Test Bubu

Hi everyone

Hi everyone. Even everything looks quiet different, this is still my web page. My old site was up and running for several years. First on CompuServe and then on my own domain and I never changed the design. OK, I agree the design wasn't very sophisticated and the real reason for coming up with a brand new site layout was not because of the stile but because of the big mess behind the scene. I would like to keep the new design as simple as possible as well. The reason for this is that I would like to access it also with my different gadgets (PDA, SmartPhone etc.) plus it has the advantage that I don't waste to much time with technology (instead of sitting on my bike). You may have also noticed that in the old pages I switched between German and English for more or less every other sentence. For the new pages I would like to be a little bit more consistent. I will start to write everything in English, because I have many friends in countries like UK, USA, Sweden, France, Germany, Spain and Italy which (hopefully) access my pages from time to time. Later on, if I can find the time for it, I would like to offer the ability to switch to the German translation by clicking to a little flag. But... don't be surprised if this never happens.