Isle of Man TT: first & second Race Day

The first races were started under superb conditions. Bright sunshine all over the island. While sitting at the Goose Neck, waiting for the first race, it was easy to get a sun burn. What we bacame to see was just brilliant. A thrilling Superbike TT which was won by the Aussie Cameron Donald. The favourite John McGuiness unfortunantely hat to retire in 2nd lap at Geln Helen. Bruce Anstey from Wellington, New Zeeland became 2nd. The winner and the second man Bruce Anstey ride a TAS Suzuki. Third place went to Adrian Archibald from Ballymoney, Northern Ireland, also riding a Suzuki.
Next to come was the
Sidecar TT Race 1. Nick Crowe / Mark Cox win ths race. One of the Favourites Dave Molyneux / Dan Sayle retired in lap one shortly after the start. Second place went to John Holden / Andrew Winkle and third place went to the sensational new comers Tim Reeves / Patrick Farrance. It's every ones own fault not having attended this fantastic side car race ;-) Remark: once again Klaffi couldn't make it to the finishing line. He retired in lap one.
On Monday at 10.45 hrs the
Superstock TT was started on time. Weather contitions were not so good as for the Saturday race, but still OK. At the beginning of the race the Marshalls waved their red and yellow flags because of som damp patches on the track. Nevertheless it was a racing day and someone had to win the race. Guess what, it was again the Aussie Cameron Donald who did it. His team mate Bruce Anstey retired in lap 2, John McGuiness became 2nd and Guy Martin 3rd.
The 2nd race of the day was the
Supersport Junior TT. This time it was Bruce Anstey who showed a brilliant performance and whon the race by nearly 20 seconds advantage over 2nd place man Steve Plater. 3rd place went to John McGuiness. Just 3 hours after the race the organizers discovered that the TAS Suzuki of Bruce Anstey was not 100% compliant to the regulations. a 3rd party part they used was out of the tolerances. This fact resulted in the diqualification of Bruce (what a shame, because his performance was absolutly fantastic) and so Steve Plater bacem first. New 3rd man became Keith Amor.